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Andy Mondo


Denny’s may or may not be completely open at this time because of  state mandated restricted zones

      Differant color zones have varying restrictions... Check if open or just take out                              


                          Upcoming Events - Location - Dates & Times                    


                       Next Wednesday Breakfast at Denny’s on Carrier Circle : Wednesday


              Next Thursday Breakfast at The Gem Dinner 832 Spencer St:  Thursday Cancelled


                             Silver Club Meetings have been cancelled until further notice

               Meetings are the 2nd Saturday of  January, March,May,September & November. No Summer Meetings

                                                           The Silver Club meetings are still being held at Barbagallo’s

                                        2021 Silver Club Clambake: Sunday May 23, 2021 1 to 5 PM

                                                                 at The Spinning Wheel

The Silver Club Officers

President: Dick Hollington

Recording Secretary: Kim Hoover

Vice President: Bev Brown

Treasurer: Tony Ori


                                   IT’S COMING OUT OF YOUR POCKET

                                           Mail from Bill King... thanks Bill

On your home page of the Silver Club web site you listed salary increases of a few of the pension employees.

You asked the question of what the salary increases, if any, for 2016.  Below listed are those figures as filed on

the 5500 filing for 2016. [Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan.   Pension and welfare benefit plans must generally file the

Form 5500 to report their financial condition, investments and operations.]


Ken Stilwell                $128,655.           Jessica Hoyt           $106,378.        Deb Lorcano           $46,226.            

Jeff Heller                     180,614.           Donna Shannon          96,296.        Shannon Roberts      45,509.

Tom Nana                      77,948.            Russ Morreale            64,508.        Mel Coraese             40,500.

Dawn May                     98,887.            Francis Kneyka          59,552.         Lesley Debuque       35,978.

Jen Miller                       88,316.            Kristin Allen              57,117.        Kim Cunninghan      35,786.

Barb Eckert                    99,949.            Rose Insalaco             51,024.        M. Klinke                 30,718.     

John Salerno                  74,162.            Barb Acey                  50.949.         Bill Arnault              25,106.

Grace Shakainski           95,229.            Michelle Deemer       50,038.         Don Fuerst *            21,046

Tim Rick                        62,795.            Robert Kelley            49,022.         Shannon Sauter       17,148.

John Tierny                    80,229.            Paula Curro               48,882.         Mike Scalzo               9,034.

                                                                                                                      John Bulgaro              6,003.


Those salaries listed above equal $1,891,604.00.   Let me know if you have any questions.....Bill King

Below are the salaries and raises of pension office employees for years 2009-2015

Any information published on this website is neither approved nor disapproved by the officers of the Silver Club

                           All information published on this site are the sole responsibility of the owner

                  This is a great site for everyone to keep up on the joint committee in Congress. 

                                            It has videos of all hearings       Re Bill King


                             I am sure that all plaintiffs that signed up to have Noah Messing represent them

                                   have received  information  regarding our case.            Fraternally, Bill

                        Please practice safe social distancing and wear a mouth cover

                                   Until we knock this virus out, please be cautious                                                     

                         Stay Safe - Stay healthy



                      Saturday, January 16, 2021

                               Syracuse Area Weather

Brisk with some wet snow in the morning transitioning to snow showers in the afternoon. Lake effect snow east of Lake Ontario in the afternoon. Accumulations of a trace to 2″ with a bit more over the Tug Hill and the hills south of Syracuse. Highs in the mid 30s Low 30 Wind: W 5-15 mph. Wind Chills: Near 30.

Saturday Night:
Cloudy and breezy with the chance for some scattered snow showers. Heavier lake snow develops east of Lake Ontario bringing 4-8″ with the higher amounts across the Tug Hill. Low temperatures near 30. Wind: WSW 10-20 mph.

                       A message from Silver Club President, Dick Hollington

Happy New Year. We hope every one is staying safe and that 2021 will be a better year.

We just want to bring you up to date on a few things. We will not be having a meeting this  month. We expect to have some information on the Clambake by the end of this month or the first part of February. Denny's on Carrier Circle is still closed for inside dining.


We know it is hard for many of us to stay in touch because of Covid and all its restrictions many don't get out and about the way we did before. Just a little reminder if you think of someone that you have not talked to or seen in a while, give them a call or drop them a line.

I can assure you that you both will be happier for it.

The only other news we have is Ed Fries has had some health issues lately and am sure he would like a card or call 

Ed Fries 

162 Las Palmas Blvd

N. Fort Myers Fl 33903


Joe McConnell is now living with his daughter Katie in Liverpool. He had a stroke in November and has recovered with no apparent damage. He also has a little loss of memory and a shorter attention span. He would also appreciate a card or call.

Joe McConnell

4151 Tommys Trail

Liverpool NY 13090


Regards, Dick,Bev,Tony and Kim             




     Message received by Bill King and forwarded to us for posting


               Hey Bill , saw this online and thought you might be into!!!!!!   

        3 very special people from our Pension fight will be on the phones with us.

                                        Special Master Ken Feinberg, 

                                           (Senator) Heidi Heitkamp

                               UPS governmental President Mike Kiely

          Join us with our one dial number 19 Jan 4pm Central  1-727-731-5804